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Keep A-goin’: the life of Lone Star Dietz


Lone Star Dietz was the most colorful coach football has known and continues to be controversial over 40 years after his death. So interesting was the man that even his critics are fascinated by him. Dietz was a Forrest-Gump-like character in that he rubbed shoulders with many famous people and brought him to several historic events. Tom Benjey’s award-winning biography tells the story of a Renaissance man who was a capable artist, singer, movie actor, athlete, educator, championship dog breeder and Hall-of-Fame-worth coach. 356 pages, hardback and softcover.<more>

Hardback $32.95

Softcover $19.95

Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs


Jim Thorpe & Pop Warner’s Carlisle Indian School football immortals tackle socialites, bootleggers, students, moguls, prejudice, the government, ghouls, tooth decay and rum. Follow more than 50 stars through their lives on and off the reservation.<more>

Native American Sports Heroes Series

The Native American Sports Heroes Series was begun in 2008 to focus attention  on people and teams of interest to particular readers. Readers do not need to read  all books in the series as each book is to stand by itself. Readers will select those volumes of interest to themselves. Background information is provided in each volume in the series to make the book understandable by readers who are new to the topic. <more>

Beautifully illustrated jointly by Angel DeCora & Lone Star Dietz

What the Kennedys are to politics, the less-famous Craigheads are to nature—a prolific and accomplished clan.” Kirkus Reviews

Glorious Times: Adventures of the Craighead Naturalists

The book begins with the engaging tale of two Craighead brothers capturing and training hawks in Depression-era Pennsylvania. This story-oriented style typifies Glorious Times, which recounts the lives of the Craigheads in lively detail, bringing readers into close, personal proximity to the subjects’ lives. The author’s research on the topic could not be more meticulous. Particularly valuable to book people may be the insight that Glorious Times provides into the mind and personality of Jean Craighead George.  <more> 

If there was ever a book that should be a mainstay in collections strong in Native American history, culture, and issues, or early civil rights efforts, it should be Gridiron Gypsies.  The story is about far more than sports, tackling the subject of integration and Native American rights in an era when most would rather have killed than educate them.


After reading Gridiron Gypsies: How the Carlisle Indians Shaped Modern Football tell us if you think Jim Thorpe would have been better off staying at Carlisle in 1909 or not.

Diane Donovan

Senior Reviewer