Reviews by Veteran Service Officers

Pre-release versions of the book have been given to only two Veteran Service Officers so far. Their reactions have been overwhelming. We knew there was no book like this one available to veterans but, even knowing that, we didn’t anticipate such positive responses.

As a New Jersey Veteran Service Officer for the past 8 years, I can attest to the fact that this book reduces the VA benefits concerning compensation for disabilities developed since the end of the Vietnam war, particularly prostate cancer, to an understandable process for the veteran. It’s about Agent Orange. It is also informative for the most up-to-date treatments. I can only wish these treatments and the book itself were available to me eight years ago.


This veteran took the time to bring hope to the Vietnam vet who may not be aware of the impact the Agent Orange has on disabilities developed since the end of the war. After reading the book the veteran could even process his own compensation claim with little assistance. More importantly, it explores the most up to date treatments for one of the conditions, namely prostate cancer, and how different treatment options should be explored. Finally, it is written by not a bystander, but by a Vietnam vet who lived through the war and developed prostate cancer himself. He has looked at the claims system from outside the system. Nice job.


Charles Jurgensen, Veteran Service Officer, Morris County, NJ

Prostate Cancer and the Veteran is the best resource on prostate cancer I have seen.  It is a work that every man facing a diagnosis of prostate cancer should read. Men who haven’t been diagnosed could benefit just from knowing about this work in case they are ever faced with deciding on a treatment for prostate cancer.  It provides an excellent description of what to expect and the pluses and minuses of treatment options. In my job as a veterans service officer I have seen many veterans undergo procedures that were recommended to them by a doctor, but they would not have selected that particular treatment because of the side affects had they known of the options presented in this work. It is really a valuable piece of work.  The cover is perfect.


Larry E. Catt, Veterans’ Affairs Officer, Monroe County, IN

Tom Benjey, the author of Prostate Cancer and the Veteran, was given an all-expenses-paid trip to the Far East, with stops in The Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, courtesy of the taxpayers in 1967-1968 as were many young men of his generation. Upon completion of his military obligation, he enrolled in college under the GI Bill and graduated with a BS in Mathematics. He was eventually awarded a PhD in Mathematics Education, earning the title of Dr. Do not let this title confuse you, Dr. Benjey can spell cancer but few other medical terms because he knows nothing about medicine. His book is written from the viewpoint of a lay patient and a non-career military veteran dealing with the VA for the first time. 


The Health/Medicine Shelf


The price of serving one's country is high, and some of that cost may come in cancer. “Prostate Cancer and the Veteran" is a warning from Dr. Tom Benjey that Vietnam veterans, exposed to Agent Orange may have a higher chance of Prostate Cancer than other men of their age. Advising readers to seek help with this cancer through Veterans Administration and other problems, "Prostate Cancer and the Veteran" is a wise advisory of health, very much recommended reading.