In Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs, Tom Benjey expanded the scope of his previous work, Keep A-Goin’: The Life of Lone Star Dietz, to explore the lives of not just one of the Carlisle Indian School football immortals but the core group of men -- more than 50 all told -- who helped create the sport, both amateur and professional, we enjoy today.   The issue for the Carlisle students of the competing visions of mainstreaming versus cultural retention for Native Americans in this country is one that Dr.Benjey explores in detail, the validities of which are still debated a century later.


During the past three decades, a plethora of books have been written about the Carlisle team. In my opinion, none of them can match the exhaustive research, attention to detail and, most importantly, the accuracy of Dr. Benjey's book. The most sophisticated and learned historians, sociologists and anthropologists, rabid sports fans or casual readers will be enthralled by his compelling style and thrilled by the many factual treasures he has uncovered. 

                                                                 Robert W. Wheeler,  author of

                                                                 Jim Thorpe: World’s Greatest Athlete

Great teams, those Carlisle elevens that I coached, and what was even finer, sportsmen all. There wasn’t an Indian of the lot who didn’t love to win and hate to lose, but to a man they were modest in victory and resolute in defeat. They never gloated, they never whined, and no matter how bitter the contest, they played cheerfully, squarely and cleanly.


Glenn S. “Pop” Warner



An important addition to the historical record...I suspect that scholars will be turning to this book for decades to come.

Paul Tognetti, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Historians, sociologists and anthropologists will appreciate the exhaustive research, attention to detail, accuracy, authority, and integrity Benjey has put into completing this work. Sports fans and casual readers will be drawn into Benjey’s unique and compelling writing style. “Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs” by Tom Benjey is destined to become a classic.

Richard R. Blake, Reader Views

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“Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs” by Tom Benjey is a wonderful addition to the literature of several cultural genres: sports, football, education, Indian history, and biography. Benjey has exhaustively researched the Carlisle Indian School football program and written a remarkable book filled with statistics, anecdotes, and biographies of coaches and players…Even if you have no interest in

football, this is a fascinating look at history.


Barbara J. Olexer, author of

The Enslavement of the American Indian in Colonial Times


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Every person who goes to play college football isn't aiming to be an NFL all-star, they are everyday people as well. "Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs: Jim Thorpe & Pop Warner's Carlisle Indian School football immortals tackle socialites, bootleggers, students, moguls, prejudice, the government, ghouls, tooth decay, and rum" is a look at the lives of the Carlisle Indian football team and the men in it and behind it. These men, some devoted to the culture of their ancestors, others just aiming for a happy and successful life, bring forth tales of the Native American people in a time where college football was just getting started. "Doctor's Lawyers, Indian Chiefs" is a solid read for those who want more of the history of college football.


Midwest Book Review

November 2008

The history of the infamous Carlisle Indian School has received more literary attention in the past several years than at any time since its demise approximately 90 years ago. Much of the credit for this upsurge of interest goes to Dr. Tom Benjey — now the leading authority on the athletic history of the pre-World War I Pennsylvania school for Native Americans — who has written a number of articles about Carlisle topics, and this, his second book on the subject, is the most exhaustively researched and valuable of all his works.

For anyone with an interest in the history of Carlisle Indian School football and Native American athletes, Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs is an indispensable reference work and is highly recommended.

Ray Schmidt

College Football Historical Society

November 2008

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I’m not a football fan but I liked reading about the post-Carlisle years.

…well written and well researched. 


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